The Zaza Children's Workshop

A creative and educational workshop introducing kids to the magic of the underwater world. Through a fun narrative, stunning photography, images and sounds, we accompany Zara the mermaid and her friend Kaspar the dolphin on a journey.


 We meet the amazing creatures of the sea, seen through  Zaza’s eyes these wonderful creatures are her friends and this helps children feel connection. 

 In the gallery section of the website you can see an example of wonderful drawings created during our workshops. They are a constant delight and a wonderful tool for really getting the kids inspired.


The Famous Jacque Cousteau is quoted as saying" we protect what we love".

The creative element of the workshop we feel nurtures this love. It is in our most creative states that solutions are found. 

The second part of the narrative and slideshow introduces the issues of overfishing, destructive fishing techniques and  ghost nets. Zaza helps us present these distressing issues in an empathetic style.  We maintain that fish is healthy to eat and by presenting the work of Marine Stewardship Council we can provide a positive  and action based solution to the problems presented.

We invite every child to gather in a circle and hold hands. Each child expresses how they feel and makes a wish or promise, a pledge. We breath deeply and blow our wish to Zaza and her friends in the sea, it is very tender and healing. 

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The workshop was first created by The Marine Foundation for the Ubud Writers Festival sponsored by Body Shop Indonesia.


The Zaza workshop and Zaza and her sea Friends, book 1  was developed and tested by The Marine foundation and team members of ResponSEAble,

a group of European partners that have been funded by Horizon 2020 programme; 

Protecting the ocean: our collective responsibility, our common interest. 

How can we encourage Europeans to take a closer interest in their oceans and to treat them with greater respect and understanding?

Children today face growing up in a world threatened by a multitude of environmental issues. This is overwhelming and  frightening. The Zaza workshop and  book series enables positive learning and active participation. It is vital that our children grow up feeling empowered, there is hope.

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