Zaza and her sea friends

Come join Zaza in her wonderful world below the waves. Meet her sea friends and her best friend Kaspar, who is a very clever dolphin. Help Zaza and Kaspar save a sea turtle and learn about the threats of unsustainable fishing.

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About the author 


​Celia Gregory Dupps was born in England and presently lives a long way from the sea with her husband in Aspen, Colorado. She founded the Marine Foundation in 2009. Her dream to enable conservation of our seas in ways that are creative and positive. She pioneered the living sculptures in the sea program creating underwater sculptures. The artworks provide habitat for marine life and an eco tourism attraction that help communities restore their marine eco-systems. Zaza and her sea friends is a series of books for children under 8. A fun, playful narrative teaching about the wonders of the sea and the issues that face them.